About Us

The SUSTAINABLE DESIGN CENTER (SDC) strives to encourage and bolster environmental protection and sustainable development in design. We initiate projects, perform studies and develop education and training for sustainable design and promote sustainability in art and society.
In support of our mission we develop in a joint effort with our members different means of communication like exhibitions, movies and printed information material. We initiate design projects and perform workshops and conferences.
The SDC is a non-profit association headquartered in Berlin, Germany. We manage a small library  in Berlin open to our members and currently run local chapters in Hamburg and Cologne.


Members of the Board

Sebastian Feucht, Chairman, product designer, Berlin
Christhard »Otto« Landgraf, Berlin
Oliver Geheeb, Treasurer, communication designer, Berlin

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Friedrich Schmidt-Bleek, Factor 10 Institute, Carnoules

(in order of the date of joining)

Prof. Sebastian Feucht, product designer, Berlin
Moritz Grund, product designer, Berlin
Mareike Hadeler, product designer, Berlin
P. Baumeister, teacher, Berlin
International Design Center | IDZ, Berlin - www.idz.de
Isabell Fringer, product designer, Berlin
Lenka Petzold, textile designer, Munich
Gode Klingemann, designer, Dortmund
Svenja Bechtel, product designer, Berlin 
Dr. Nikolaus Marbach, management consultant, Berlin
Felix Dietsch, student product design, Berlin
Christhard Landgraf, designer, Berlin
Carla Schulte-Fischedick, teacher, Berlin/Göttingen 
Maike Röschenkämper, product designer (fashion), Berlin
Malte Koslowski, product designer, Berlin
Johann Ahrens, student, Hamburg
Oliver Geheeb, communication designer, Berlin
Patrick Rosemeyer, entrepreneur, Berlin
ReUse-Verein e.V., Berlin, www.reuse-computer.org
Marten Jahn, product designer, Berlin
KUNST-STOFFE - e.V., Berlin, www.kunst-stoffe-berlin.de
Barbara Klute, graphic designer, Hamburg
Julia Lempik, architect, Berlin
Anna Hölle, student, Braunschweig
Alana Zubritz, graphic designer, Hamburg
MuddaNaturDesign, Hagen, www.mudda-natur.design
Anika Paape, designer, Cologne
Librito.de, Hamburg, www.librito.de 
BFGF GmbH & Co KG, Design Lab, Hamburg, www.lab.bfgf.de 
WerraHanf eG i.G. Wanfried, www.werrahanf.de