By making a donation you will support the SUSTAINABLE DESIGN CENTER e.V. in its efforts to perform studies and projects and educate professionals and the public about sustainable design.

Your donation is tax-deductible.

Please donate using bank transfer.

Our bank account details are:
GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG
IBAN: DE55 4306 0967 1110 4438 00

Provide on your bank transfer as reason for payment 'Spende' and your full name. For donations of 50 Euro or more please also provide your  full address or your e-mail address so we can mail you a donation receipt you may use for tax deduction.

For donations up to a figure of 200 Euro the deposit slip may be used for tax deduction purpose.    

If you would like to be mentioned as a donor on our web page download the notice of donation, print it and send it by mail to the address mentioned on the form. After we received the form and the donation we will add you to the web page and send you a donation receipt.