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Who are we?
The SUSTAINABLE DESIGN CENTER (SDC) is an independent center of competence promoting all aspects sustainable and ecologically innovative  design. We connect designers and service provider, innovators and free spirits, merchants, producers and engineers dedicated to sustainable design and provide first hand information.

What are our goals?
We point out the local and global challenges like climate change, waste of resources and global injustice and their interdependencies and highlight the interdependency between design and  the economic, environmental and social causes of these problems. The inherent competence of design is extended by foresighted thinking, interdisciplinary knowledge, cross-discipline cooperation, acting autonomously and participating in societal decision processes to identify the issues of a non-sustainable development and to apply knowledge about sustainable development in the design process. Our activities and services impart knowledge and design capabilities based on the principles of education for sustainable development.

Who can join?
As a non-profit organization the  SUSTAINABLE DESIGN CENTER e.V. is open to everyone interested in sustainable design and offers the opportunity to participate in the latest accomplishments of sustainable design to and contribute to its further development.

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