Short movie "FLOW"

The short movie “FLOW” highlights one of the most pressing issues we currently face: the waste of natural resources. The movie meaningful and impressive  “FLOW” reflects on our society of consumers and its lifestyle and habits and relates it to the patterns of the global material flow. The figures and facts presented in the movie remind the audience of its responsibility and encourage it to act. The closing presents multiple concepts of sustainable design and their implementation in  the city of the future.  

“FLOW” is part of the series "Beyond Climate Change" issued by the Umwelt Bundesamt (German Environmental Protection Agency).

FLOW is available under a creative commons license and is available in German, English, French, Russian and Chinese.

FLOW (in German on YouTube)
 (in English on YouTube)

3 minutes versions in five languages: GermanEnglishFrenchRussianChinese

sustainable profits - Conference & Workshop

In March 2014 the "sustainable profits – How to organize the economy in a sustainable manner?", a format mixing conference and workshop, took place in Berlin. Corporations and small enterprises presented their vision of a sustainable business focusing on the challenges to implement sustainability while still making profits. Key aspects from these presentations have been extracted and fed into design-thinking workshops. These workshops combined the information from the presentations with the input from the audience in a result-driven process.

A conference documentation (German only) combines the presentations and results with visual impressions from the conference. A PDF version is available for download here,  for a printed version please send us an e-mail with your address.

The event has been organized by the SDC and the launchlabs.



SDC round-table and SDC presentation

Since March 2010 the SUSTAINABLE DESIGN CENTER round table offers every month the opportunity to meet SDC members and people with an interest in sustainability and to get to know the SDC. On the last Tuesday of every month the SDC roundtable and the SDC presentation are organized in alternating order by the round table team, Mareike Hadeler and Carolin Zeyer. The events takes place either in the Modulorhaus in Kreuzberg or in the gallery 'erstererster' in Prenzlauer Berg. The SDC roundtable focuses on networking and the discussion of hot topics and the attendance is free of charge. Each SDC presentation addresses a specific subject which is presented by a subject matter expert followed by a Q&A session. In general an admittance is charged for attending the SDC presentation.

For more information regarding the the round table and to suggest topics for presentations and projects please contact us at stammtisch(at)

Since 2011 our member Astrid Lorenzen organizes round tables, presentations and workshops in Hamburg on a regular basis. These events are open to the public and everyone interested in sustainable design is welcome to join and participate. Based on these activities the Hamburg chapter is growing steadily.

For more information regarding the Hamburg chapter, the round table and to suggest topics for presentations and project please contact us at info(at)

North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW)
In 2012 the SUSTAINABLE DESIGN CENTER round table and presentations has been established in North Rhine-Westphalia by the members Gode Klingemann and Lenka Petzold (in charge of the NRW chapter). The team organizes two to four events (round tables, excursions, presentations) every year in or close to Cologne and Dortmund.

For more information regarding the NRW chapter, the round table and to suggest topics for presentations and projects please contact us at nrw(at)