The SDC promotes projects that bring the specific skills of its heterogeneous member base to action and supports the networking of its members. The 'Topics' has been introduced to structure the wide variety of potential subjects and to guide and support our members in creating and executing projects. We continuously improve and adapt the 'Topics' based on survey results and feedback from our members to reflect the changes in skills and competences of the members.

We are able to set-up project teams on short notice and to execute projects promptly. Requests for quotes and for cooperation are directly assigned to the respective subject matter groups.

A selection of completed projects that reflect the different topics is presented here. We are open to  cooperations on a per project base and looking forward to your involvement, a SDC membership is not mandatory. If you are keen to learn more about the topics, are interested in a specific topic or like to propose a project contact us at Please reference in the subject of your mail the topic you are referring to.

Members will find more details about current projects and the members of the subject matter groups  in the SDC Blog. This part of the Blog is accessible only for members, the password has been mailed to all members. If you have not received the password please send us an e-mail.

The concept of the 'Topics' had been developed by Jan Henrik Arnold and Lenka Petzold in 2012. The 'Topics' are a developing platform and the managing team – Jan Henrik Arnold, Lenka Petzold and Nikolaus Marbach – are looking forward to your feedback and comments. If you like to join the team please let us know.



Education & Research
We develop strategies and methods for the dissemination of the concepts of sustainable development and sustainable design to the general public. Education and knowledge transfer between the actors involved in the design process are at the heart of these efforts. We analyze existing strategies and methods applied in education and investigate the methods applied in the transfer of research results on sustainable design from research institutions to design practice, industry and the general public.

Graphic design & Communication
We support sustainable communication and provide information and professional expertise . We offer consulting and full scope implementation of communication solutions (concept to build) for print and digital media. Our successful solutions are based on a customer centric communication and process-oriented approach.

Lebensraum & Lifestyle
Everyday habits, usage pattern for the lebensraum and environmental psychology are the aspects  connecting design and society striving for a societal transformation. We develop models supporting the society in redefining the values assigned to life, work and living and in reorganizing itself. These models address the issues resulting from the current society of consumers advocating  sharing as a key concept.

Materials & Technology
We promote the effective and efficient use of resources as a key criterion for the selection of materials and processing technologies. We strive for the implementation of a circular economy and   advocate an environmentally sound and socially just exploitation, processing and recycling of virgin and recycled .

Products & Services
We follow a holistic approach to product design considering and anticipating the impacts of the complete product life cycle in the design phase. We develop and nurture solutions that encourage and support the design of environmentally sound and socially just and beneficial products and services and its economical success. We apply the sustainability strategies sufficiency, consistency and efficiency to implement solutions and to achieve these goals. 

Energy & Mobility
We promote the effective and efficient use of energy as a key criterion in the design process and as a design task of its own rights. We advocate an energy supply based on 100% renewable energy. We analyze the requirements concerning mobility, the underlying social needs and the current implementation and promote the development of environmentally sound and socially just mobility solutions.